With the help of a variety of methods, we have the ability to customize all sorts of things!

We don't shy away from new products. If you have an idea, send it our way and we'll let you know if we can do it or not!

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Hi! We are Ginger & Spice

(also known as Melissa and Adam).

What started in 2017 after a botched haircut (a Cricut machine was purchased to make big earrings) has now turned into a small business that we run out of the basement of our house during our "free time".

Over the years, we have grown from just earrings to shirts and drinkware and puzzles and cutting boards and hats and all sorts of things we never imagined we'd be able to do!

We love working together to make your customized ideas become reality!


How can I place an order?

Send us a message through Facebook, Instagram, email, or text!

You can find any of that information at the bottom of this page.

What payment methods do you take?

We can make just about anything work. We take:

Cash, Checks (we will wait for it to clear before we start working on your product), Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, or Debit/Credit cards.

just let us know how you'd like to pay and we'll send you the info you need!

Do you ship?

For most products, yes!

Keep in mind, things like mugs and heavier items may cost more to ship. Feel free to send us your address and what you're wanting shipped and we can give you an estimate before we do anything!

What’s your turnaround time?

We try our best to get your final product to you within a couple of weeks (sometimes longer for large orders), but there are a lot of factors that may delay us (like shipping delays from wholesalers or shipping delays to you or an influx of holiday orders). We will communicate with you prior to finalizing your order if we foresee any of these issues. And if they pop up after the order is placed, we will let you know.

Do you take large orders?


We've taken several large shirt orders for things like sports jerseys, school spirit wear, and fundraisers. We'd love to help you with yours! As a matter of fact, we have bulk order discounts for large orders.

Do you take single orders?


Many of our orders are single orders. Whether you're wanting a custom shirt made for a concert or a fun gift for a friend...we've got you covered!

Do you do custom orders?


And we will even help by designing your ideas and sending you mock-ups before we finalize your order. We know that sometimes it's hard to visualize those customizations and just seeing it on the product before deciding can help a lot.

Where are you located?

We are based out of Jefferson City, MO!

Although our roots run deep in parts of Iowa & Illinois.

We do not have a physical store as we take mostly online, custom orders and work out of our basement.